50 Glocalist Opinions


Here is a list of 50 opinions that summarise the glocalist perspective on society and many of the political issues that are of special interest in order to understand the glocalist perspective.


Opinion 1 - The purpose of society

The purpose of society is to enable everyone to live a happy life. No matter how you wan't to spend your life in order to be happy society should enable you to do just that. This reasoning behind this i easily explained by asking a simple question. If the goal of society is not to let every human live a happy and fulfilling life where they can live out their full potential, then what is the goal of society? 

Opinion 2 - Everyone is equal 

A very important part of the glocal ideology is that everyone is seen as equal no matter their gender, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, transgender identity, age, religion and other belief. Glocalism 

Opinion 3 - Nations and borders are concepts of the past

Opinion 4 - Good leadership is a resource our society is having a lack of 


Opinion 4 - Nation states is an outdated political format


Opinion 5 - Democracy needs to be local


Opinion 6 - Politicians needs to receive an education when entering into office  


Opinion 7 - Becoming a politician has to be available to everyone





Opinion 7 - Crowdfunding and Crowdbanking is the future


Opinion 8 - Banks as they exist today need to disappear


Opinion 9 - The stock market needs to disappear


Opinion 10 - Cooperative businesses needs to be the norm


Opinion 11 - We need to embrace disruptive businesses that challenge the markets status quo



Opinion 12 - The education system needs to be brought into the digital age


Opinion 12 - Different kinds of education and teachers needs to be implemented


Opinion 13 - Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs there is


Opinion 14 - The basic education needs to include more about democracy and everyday life

Opinion N9 - 



Opinion 15 - We need to take global warming seriously


Opinion 16 - We need to produce all energy locally and with renewable sources


Opinion 17 - We need to focus on developing electric vehicles 


International Politics

Opinion 18 - We need to stop the war on terror


Opinion 19 - We need to stop the imperialism of the west


Opinion 20 - We need to stop allow for developing countries to achieve higher standards on their on terms and conditions


Infrastructure and Communication

Opinion 21 - We need to allow for local solutions to infrastructure


Opinion 22 - 


Opinion 23 -