What is Glocalism?


The Glocalist movement is about thinking globally and acting locally. We realise that we live in a time where mobility, of both people and ideas, is becoming the norm and where the globe is more connected than ever. Distances are getting smaller with each technological advancement and ideas and cultures from all over the world are mixing together to create new and beautiful things.

At the same time we can see how the planet is suffering from humanity's abuse and overconsumption, and how people are getting separated from their own democracy and political decisions which are now voted on in far away political institutions. Globalisation has ment splitting the world into different parts where some people are forced to produce the wares while others are coming up with the ideas. This polarises humanity and puts unnecessary strain on an already weakened earth, by transporting resources and products across the globe. The people of the world are also split into two, the once with money and power and the once without. Globalisation has created bigger political institutions and has taken democracy further from the demos, the people, and has ruined the very foundation of democracy. 

Glocalism is about moving as much of the political power and production of goods and energy as possible to the local level while maintaining a global perspective and sense of responsibility. It is about the sense of community with the people in your local vicinity but also with every human on earth. It is about creating a culture where we share what we have with the people around us. It is about creating a society of equal opportunity where everyone can live out the full potential of a
happy life. 

Think globally, act locally.
— Paul McCartney, The Beatles
Welcome to the revolution, it is beyond imagination what digital tools are about to do to filmmaking. What was once the exclusive medium of high finance is now going to become something that is within the reach of everybody.
— Mike Figgis, Tyneside Cinema
Our democracy requires a strong watchdog at the local level to ensure safeguards against abuse, chicanery, and outright dishonesty.
— Eric Alterman, The Nation
Crowdfunding isn’t only about collecting money. It’s about making something happen with a crowd of people who believe in something. Normal people, not rich people with a lot of power, just people like you and me.
— Jozefien Daelemans, Charlie Magazine

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