Glocalist  Technology and Fenomena


In order to explain the relationship between Glocalism and technological advancement we have written a couple of examples on technology that convey the Glocalist perspective, but also conveys the current trajectory for technological advancement in society overall. These technological advancements has happened without a glocalist agenda or perspective in mind but is still glocalistic in nature which implies that glocalism is not simply a new political ideology and active choice but is also the natural path that society is currently taking, both in technological advancements and also in the shift in social norms and interests. The rise of "DIY" (do it yourself), permaculture and collective living are examples of a glocalist society taking form without direct political incentive. 


Crowdfunding is not only about making an economical change it is mainly about democracy. Crowdfunding is about making people come together because they believe in an idea. In the current economic system you can for stop a technological advancement because the old way of solving a problem means more sales, for example when the evolution means that you only have to buy an item once that you usually have to buy in packs because they break. Crowdfunding is about democracy, but also about community, it is about coming together with the people, just like you, that believe in the same idea as you. 


Just like crowdfunding, crowdbanking is about people getting together because they believe in a common idea. In this case it is about coming together because they believe that banking is about making it possible for people to fulfil their dreams, not about filling the pocket of the few. Crowdbanking is, just like crowdfunding, about democracy since money, when you have it in big enough amounts, is no longer money - it is power, political power. 

Solar power

Solar power is in this case an example of the local production of energy which is this example of glocalist technology. Glocalism is all about local production and this also goes for energy. Local production can mean producing something within the local region, within the city or within the household, in the case of solar power we are talking about household production. We are aware thet this change will have to come slowly, both because of political and practical reasons, we cannot change the whole structure of delivering energy over night. 

3D printing

Just like the production of energy through solar power in order to make buildings self-sufficient is a big part of the glocalist technological evolution so is 3D printing. The ability to produce wares in your home or in your local community such as bowls, tools or other household items is a big part of making production more local in a reasonable way. But it does not stop with being a practical solution for local production, it also opens up for a whole new way of charing ideas and being creative. When 3D printing is the norm it is going to be much easier to create all sorts of prototypes, either of improvements on simple household items or of new exciting creative ideas. Either way creativity and the ability to realise once dream and putting it into practice will be much greater. 

Wearable technology

Wearable technology is not about being local or global, this is about glocalism being about technological advancement. Wearable technology is here used as a symbol of one of the many ways that technology will revolutionise society in the future. 

DIY - Do It Yourself

This is not as much about technological advancement as it is about how the phenomenon of 

Home growing